Lost Mine of Gallagherpleasestoparguingwithme

The Road to Phandalin
The Heroes Finally Take the Bait

So much has happened in the last ninety-six hours for these heroes. They were all recruited from the city of NEVERWINTER to escort a wagonload of supplies from NEVERWINTER to PHANDALIN, a small mining town to the southeast. Along the road they came upon two dead horses. They were assaulted by goblins, killed those goblins, and then continued along the Triboar Trail to the town of PHANDALIN. There they intimidated a local merchant, BARTHEN, into paying them for delivering a wagonload of supplies that had obviously been tampered with. Barthen was concerned that he had had no word from his acquaintance, GUNDREN ROCKSEEKER, who had originally hired the group. They reluctantly returned to the scene of the ambush and discovered a trail leading to a cave, which they later learned was a hideout for the CRAGMAW GOBLINS. They slew the hideout guards and made their way into the hideout but were suddenly assaulted by two waves of water coming from deeper in the caves. Ignoring this, the adventurers found their way into a kind of goblin cafeteria where they suddenly appeared, slew a goblin, magically charmed the leader, and then (after killing some goblin associates) clumsily murdered the goblin leader Yeemik about ten minutes away from the hideout. It also certainly bears mentioning that they rescued a human named SILDAR HALLWINTER. He was hired by the same GUNDREN ROCKSEEKER that had hired the heroes. He was kissed back to life and convinced the heroes to travel back to PHANDALIN. They returned to that town without incident. There was a long and delicious breakfast. The heroes met the TOBLEN STONEHILL, tavern owner and friendly man. Tory noticed a SOUR, PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE ATTITUDE coming from a red-vested customer who quickly left after overhearing a question about IARNO ALBREK that was asked by TORY to SILDAR about IARNO ALBREK and their mutual connection to the LORD’S ALLIANCE. Sildar went upstairs to sleep, and finishing their breakfast, the group left Stonehill’s establishment looking for the next place they could enter structured play and use their abilities…

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